Poet Box

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The Poet Box

A multifunctional room, connected and dynamic.

The Poets’ Box is not only a room for meetings and conferences; it’s a place in which all guests can concentrate or dedicate some time to his or her work; it is a dynamic and harmonious place, made up of connections, exchanges of information and sharing; it provides a balanced connection between travelers and the universe with which they want to communicate.


Elegant design and modern style blend to create a perfect environment for meetings, presentations, briefings, smart working or simply to reply to an email.


If your story starts to take form in this space let us know, take a picture and post it on Instagram (hashtag: #thepoethotel)

Meeting Room

An excellent place to organize meetings with customers or for a conference with partners coming together from different locations. Here people can easily meet and have discussions in a relaxed environment, always connected and on-line. Contact us for more information.
Contact us for more info

Dynamic Room

For those who need a quiet place for working, studying, or taking a break all while staying connected.Take advantage of having your own space, we will offer it to you tailored to your needs!